Order My Crème Brûlée and Eat It Too

I'm not going to lie, the Royal Deluxe (that had Dijon instead of ketchup[!]), fries and Coca-Light that I guiltily had at Mac Do was yummy. (Everyone does it. Don't judge me.) But the three-course meal I had at this little restaurant last week has been on my mind since I devoured it. The cozy restaurant was empty, aside from a man at the bar, drinking a beer alone, and the very friendly owner/host/waiter/chef who gave multitasking a new definition as he executed everything beautifully, all while watching the soccer game on the tv. 
The entrée was a light salad of herb-infused, roasted cherry tomatoes, very fresh mozzarella, and lightly dressed baby arugula, with some pesto on the dish. If the [doubtfully-human] restaurateur had brought out just the tomatoes, I swear I would have given him the entire cost of the meal for them. Give me a pool of those, and I'll eat them in a minute! Oh! So good...
Second course was DUCK! Oui! DUCK! My first time trying it, and I have to say, I loved it. (Yeah, I know I used to be a vegan. Again, don't judge!) The canard was cooked to perfection, (medium, the way I like it love it), and the sweet potato puree on top of which it sat was to die for. Basically, simple flavors, minimal ingredients, and impeccable culinary skill. Ugh, I love France.
And, of course, my favorite part of any meal: dessert. (I'm always tempted to spell it "desert" but I remember that there are two S's because I always want seconds.) I'm the kind of gal who will very rarely pass up crème brûlée, especially if I'm in France! So when I read in the menu that the 17th-century, classically French dessert was made with berries, (à la framboise), I didn't even read my other options.  Needless-to-say, a fabulous decision.


  1. you're adorable. and i am starving.

  2. I'm living vicariously through you An...