Kuro Jan, Êtes-Vous Arménienne?

Okay, okay! I FOUND ARMENIANS! I've spent the past three weeks snooping around Bordeaux, hearing rumors of Armenians, noticing small piles of sunflower seed shells, and peering hopefully into the many Kebab spots. I even looked through the White Pages and found a potential relative of mine! But then, after some asking around and mastery Googling, I found the so-called Armenian restaurant, Chez Yuri, right by the river! I looked at the menu and was surprised to see how very French it was. I hesitated for a moment, assuming I'd found the wrong place, and asked the waiter if this was an Armenian restaurant. He assured me, it was. He seemed quite pleased to have an Armenian customer, since apparently most of their guests are French, although, he too claimed that Bordeaux has a very large Armenian community. He explained that he and his family came to Bordeaux 10 years ago and have been running the restaurant for years now. (On a side note, it felt so great to take a break from French and chat a bit in Armenian, even if he kept noting my American accent.)

After a little disappointment from the menu, (because really, the only thing Armenian on it was the hard liquor), I decided to stay, have a beer, try the fish soup, lamb, and obviously, the crème brûlée, but mostly support the very friendly family. Three courses later, I was saying stestyun and promising to return. The food was delicious! It wasn't Armenian cuisine, unfortunately, but it definitely had a homey touch. That alone made me comfortable and happy... (Unless it was the beer...) 

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