Démarquez Vous

My groceries this week: milk, zucchini, Madeleine cookies, and earrings. Okay, so the earrings weren't initially on my list, but while I was walking to the grocery store, I came across this very lovely little vintage boutique called Démarquez Vous, (meaning "stand out") on my street. After trying on some gorgeous lace dresses out of my price range, I spotted these earrings, and couldn't get my eyes off of them. With the same fear and hesitation I would feel when I would walk down the Village 3 dorm halls three weeks ago, I approached the price tag. To my pleasant surprise, it said 12€ -- and when you're expecting 50€, that's a good deal! So I opted to buy them and skip a few grocery items. (Anyone who knows me well enough knows I have a sporadic glamour-complex.) I say, if I'm malnourished, (and let's face it, all college students abroad are), at least I'll still be fabulous!
And don't pretend like you didn't notice how well they match my bottle of Chloé! ...Okay, I'll stop now.

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