Lavender Nostalgia

I've been obsessed with lavender for more than a year now. It started when I went to Balboa Island, (Newport Beach), and in an olive oil shop, tried lavender balsamic vinegar for the first time. It was love at first taste. I bought a bottle and experimented with it for a few weeks, making savory dishes that the lavender would compliment perfectly. I then went to a spice shop and purchased dried lavender flowers, which I used to make some desserts, like lavender shortbread cookies and such. Of course, I also spent plenty on lavender body sprays and lotions alike, and I always make sure to stop and smell lavender when I spot it while walking.

This morning, as I was rushing down my staircase to catch the tram, I saw right there, next to the window, directly facing the staircase up which I've gone at least a hundred times by now, a small vase, clearly several decades old, set upon a silver tray which had gathered a thin layer of dust. In the vase was a small bouquet of dried lavender. I expect that they were once fresh, perhaps picked by hand outside by my landlord, a very sweet and quiet widower. I immediately got nostalgic, and upset at myself for walking past this subtly beautiful decor for over two and a half months now, and never noticing it. Its smell has gone, and the fragile stems are shedding, but it's the most beautiful lavender I've seen yet.

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